What makes our Extreme Nano Chain Lube superior to all other lubricants?

• We have worked with numerous lubrication experts across the country to obtain the latest Nano lubrication technology.
• Our lubricants were tested in real world applications for two years before we offered it to the cycling industry.
• We disassembled and analyzed chains containing many different chain lubes after being raced the same day by multiple competitors. We analyzed the inner mating surfaces utilizing an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) to study the effectiveness of each lubricant. What we found was that even during a 20-mile event all the lubricants we tested had been completely evacuated from the critical contact points and mating surfaces. Our proprietary triple action Nano formulations have the ability to embed themselves in all contact areas of the chain. Our proprietary blend of lubricants become activated by the pressure induced by pedaling which applies pressure in these critical areas of the chain.
• The real test of a chain lube is how efficient it is after 20+ miles into a ride, also how smooth the shifting is after 20+ miles! Our lubricants provide long lasting protection and efficient shifting by reducing friction for the duration of your ride or race!