Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it ideal to start with a perfectly clean chain?
  • A perfectly clean chain allows our nano particles to coat all the mating surfaces of the chain, we don't want our particles to compete for the surfaces with existing lubrication.
    Can I re-apply without cleaning my chain?
    • Yes, but we recomend cleaning your chain when it becomes visibly dirty.  We recomend a chain cleaning tool with a mild degreaser
    • A benefit of our technology also allows for a simple cleaning using a microfiber towel - spinning the chain in reverse and passing it through a qualty microfiber towel.  We recomend this as maintenance in between long rides or extremely dirty conditions.
      Why does the chain lubrication appear dark or dirty out of the bottle?
      • The nano particles in the solution is what gives it the dark appearance.
      • Each bottle contains billions of slick nano particles!
        How often do I need to lube my chain?
        • Our technology is designed to last hundreds of miles, although we do recomend inspecting your chain and applying as necessary, the more particles on your chain the quieter and smoother it will run.
          How much lube should I apply?
          • Under normal conditions we recomend applying one drop to the inside surface of each pin/roller.  If conditions are severe or your departing on a marathon ride, we recomend spinning the chain in reverse while applying a liberal amount of lube to fully cover chain. Spin the chain in reverse for a few revolutions and allow the chain to sit for ~1hr this will allow the particles to wick into all critical areas of the chain. 
          • For dry dusty conditions you can gently remove the excess with a microfiber towel.