Product Testimonials

-Will Loevner, 2020 NUE Fool’s Gold 100K Winner & 2nd Place NUE Shenandoah 100 “Extreme Nano Lubricants is the best chain lube I’ve used for ultra endurance MTB events. It’s essential having a smooth running chain during these ultra races and Extreme Nano is the only lube that can handle 7 hours of abuse while still running smoothly. While other riders may have to re-apply their chain lube at key stages of the race, I can push on knowing my drivetrain will continue to perform.”
-Jim Litzinger, 2018 MTB Nationals Single Speed Champion “State-of-the-art, inspired, research developed and proven, Extreme Nano Lube is my go-to for a silky smooth drivetrain! Whether I’m running gears or hammering the trails on my Single Speed, its evident that this lube is for real and far more superior than others from the moment you spin the cranks. This lube has no problem keeping up with me through all the Extreme elements of National Ultra Endurance racing! Whether you are tearing up a dusty fire road or blasting through creek crossings, Exteme Nano Lube is right there keeping my chain happy.”
-Wyatt Rodgers, 2020 3rd Overall Men’s 100k Youngest rider to podium at a National Ultra Endurance event “Extreme Nano Lubricants xXx provided me with an ultra smooth drivetrain for the duration of the Mohican 100k.”